Wenxin Keli Ingredients and Wenxin Keli F.A.Q

Wenxin Keli Ingredients and Wenxin Keli F.A.Q

The Chinese herb extract Wenxin Keli is made of 5 herbs. Wenxin Keli Ingredients including:

List Name In English Name in Chinese Function Pharmacological action
1 Radix codonopsis Dangshen,党参 Invigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing qi Enhance immunity, Vasodilative Effect, relief pressure, improve microcirculation, strengthen the hematopoietic function
2 Rhizoma polygonati Huangjing,黄精 Boosting qi and nourishing yin Regulate heart rhythm,Anti-fatigue,antioxidant effect,anti-aging,Vasodilative Effect,antiviral effect,anti-pathogeny microorganism
3 Panax Notoginseng Sanqi,三七 Dispersing blood stasis to stop bleeding, reducing swelling and relieving pain Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Effect,Protecting Myocardium Cells from Apoptosis,Promoting Cardiac Angiogenesis,Antimyocardial Ischemia and Hypoxia Effect,Lipid-Lowering Effect,Inhibitory Effect on the Inflammatory Responses,Antiarrhythmia Effect,Vasodilative Effect,Inhibition of Left Ventricular Remodeling
4 Amber Hupo,琥珀 Calm and soothe the nerves, promoting circulation and removing stasis Calm and soothe the nerves,diuretic effect
5 Spikenard Gansong,甘松 Regulating qi and relieving pain,dispelling depression Antiarrhythmia Effect,calming the central nervous system


Wenxin Keli F.A.Q

Wenxin Keli Dosage

One packet per time, three times one day or following medical directions. Usually one month as one period of treatment.

How to take Wenxin Keli?

Add one packet into 100ml-200ml boiled water and stir until dissolved. Drink it 30 mins before meals. Do not discard the powder at the bottom of the cup.

Quality control on Wenxin Keli

China Food and Drug Administration approval number: Z10950026

Executive Standard No:YBZ05592005


Where to buy Wenxin Keli:

Wenxin Keli (18 sachets per box)( common )

Wenxin Keli (18 sachets per box)( suger free )

Wenxin Keli (9 sachets per box)( common )

Wenxin Keli (9 sachets per box)( suger free )

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