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Herbal Supplement Nuangong Yunzi Pills / Nuangong Yunzi Wan / Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan / Nuan Gong Yun Zi Pill

Herbal Supplement Nuangong Yunzi Pills / Nuangong Yunzi Wan / Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan / Nuan Gong Yun Zi Pill

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Natural Herbal Nuan Gong Yun Zi Pill cure cold womb infertility leucorrhea with reddish discharge. Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan.

Nuangong Yunzi Pills
Nuangong Yunzi Wan
Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan
Nuan Gong Yun Zi Pill

For qi and blood deficiency and stasis,waist sourness and pain,irregular menstruation,leucorrhea with reddish discharge,cold womb,infertility.
For the cdrowd
1. Women suffering from infertility.
2.long treatment, intractable infertility.
3. Someone flow, medical abortion, habitual abortion, premature birth history.
4. Pregnant women who want to have more healthy and smarter children.
5.Female dysplasia, the second characteristic is not obvious.
6.Blood deficiency stagnation, backache leg pain, irregular menstruation, uterine cold
7. Frail and sick.
8. Long-term use of other drugs to treat gynecological diseases, infertility ineffective

Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions
Nourishing yin and blood,warm channe to remove coldness,promoting qi circulation to relieve pain.

Radix rehmanniae,Rhizoma cyperi rotund,Radix angelicae sinensis, radix albus paeoniae lactiflorae,Gelatinum corii asinii,Folium artemisiae argyii,Cortex eucommiae ulmoidis,Radix dipsaci,Radix scutellariae baicalensis.

This product is dark brown pellets; bitter taste.

200 pills/box.

For oral use after meals,8 pills thrice daily or by medical ordor.one month a treatment course.



Contraindicated in pregnancy.

1. Avoid spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this product.
2.Patients with diabetes diseases shall take medicine under guidance of physician.
3. In accordance with the usage and dosage.
4.Patients with spleen and stomach cold deficiency with caution;patients with profuse menes with caution.
5.Two weeks without any remission,or symptems aggravated,appeared new serious symptems, should go to hospital.
6. Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using£¬allergic constitution with caution.
7. Do not use this product if the property changed.
8. Children should take under the supervision of adult.
9. Keep out of reach of children.
10. If you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor before using this product.

If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

1. Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan, Northwest Plateau unique rare products as raw material, using the most advanced "small molecule disintegration purification process" to purify the highly active anti-inflammatory factor, promote blood circulation, eliminate tubal local congestion, edema , soften the tubal adhesions, so that tubal unimpeded.
2. Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan contains natural saponins that can fully regulate the female hormone levels to stimulate the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis, promote pituitary secretion of FSH, induce normal ovulation in women, stimulate follicular development into an egg, improve luteal function, to prevent the occurrence of habitual abortion.
3. Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan can enhance the feeding capacity of the uterine wall capillaries, and activate the activity of the uterine wall cells, accelerate the division and metabolism of local cells, targeted repair of human trauma on the uterine wall and increase the thickness of the uterus, the ovary ovulation and progesterone secretion ability to be fully restored.
4. Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan plays a role in regulating the immune function of the reproductive system, improving immunity, eliminating inflammation of various reproductive systems, controlling, reducing and eliminating fibroids and cysts in the reproductive system, and improving autonomic function and systemic microcirculation , Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction and anti-sperm antibodies have special effects.

Hermetically sealed,keep in cool and dry places.

24 months.

Stage Food and Drug Administration Approval number:Z62060674.


Tips: Please read the directions for use in retail or directed by physician.
Part of the goods frequent replacement of packaging, such as goods and pictures are not exactly the same, please refer to the goods you receive.

General Cautions
Keep away from animals and children. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any questions regarding your health.

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