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Herbal Supplement Qiguanyan Wan / Qi Guan Yan Wan / Qiguanyan Pills / Qi Guan Yan Pills

Herbal Supplement Qiguanyan Wan / Qi Guan Yan Wan / Qiguanyan Pills / Qi Guan Yan Pills

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Natural Herbal Qiguanyan Wan for asthma due to excessive phlegm.

Qiguanyan Wan
Qi Guan Yan Wan
Qiguanyan Pills
Qi Guan Yan Pills

Dispelling cold,eliminating phlegm,relieving cough and asthma.

For wind-cold due to tracheal inflammation,lung-heat cough,shortness of breath and asthma,itchy throat, asthma due to excessive phlegm,chest
stufly,olderly phlegm panting.

Ephedra, Prepared Bitter Apricot Seed,Gypsum, Prepared Licorice,Whiteflower Hogfennel Root, Cynanchum Stauntoni,Prepared Radix
Stemonae,Aster,Prepared Common Coltsfoot Flower,Prepared Clam Shell,Pepperweed Seed,Prepared Pummelo Peel,Platycodon Grandiflorum,Poria
Cocos,Prepared Massa Rhizomae Pinelliae Fermentata,Prepared Thinleaf Milkwort Root-bark,Inula Flower,Prepared Pumex,Prepared Perilla
Fruit,Codonopsis Pilosula, Chinese Date, Prepared Schisandra Chinensis, Prepared Cassia Twig, Prepared Radix Paeoniae Alba,Mulberry Leaf,
Blackberrykiky Rhizome, Radix Scutellariae,Natural Indigo, Dandelion, Ginger Juice, Loquat leaf paste.

It is a white bright concentrated water pill, which is grayish green after removing the outer coat; the taste is slightly bitter..

0.2g*300 pills /box.

Oral,30 pills per time,twice daily.

Not known.

Constraindiction during pregnancy.

1. Avoid smoking, no wine and spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this product.
2. During taking this product should not take nourishing herbs at the same time.
3. Patients with high blood pressure, heart diseases and spleend and stomach cold deficiency caused diarrhea with caution, liver disease, kidney
disease ,diabetes patients and other severe chronic diseases shall take medicine under guidance of physician.
4.Bronchiectasis, lung abscess,pulmonary heart disease,tuberculosis patients appeared coughing should go to the hospital.
5.Pregnant women,lactation women taboo.
6.In accordance with the usage and dosage, children,elderly,feeble and weak patients , should be taken under the guidance of physician.
7.Three days without any remission,or symptems aggravated,appeared new serious symptems, should go to hospital.
8.Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using?allergic constitution with caution.
9.Do not use this product if the property changed.
10.Children should take under the supervision of adult.
11.Keep out of reach of children.

If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

24 months.

Preserve in tightly closed containers,stored in a cool and dry place.

State medical permitment number.Z11020250.


Tips: part of the goods frequent replacement of packaging, such as goods and pictures are not exactly the same, please refer to the goods you

General Cautions
Keep away from animals and children.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical
practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any
questions regarding your health.

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