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(4 Plasters * 5 boxes). Zhuanggu Shexiang Zhitong Gao For Rheumatism Rheumatoid

(4 Plasters * 5 boxes). Zhuanggu Shexiang Zhitong Gao For Rheumatism Rheumatoid

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Zhuanggu Musk Pain Relief Plaster
Zhuanggu Shexiang Zhitong Gao

Ingredients: Artificial musk, dampness and pain relief extract, methyl salicylate, menthol, borneol, camphor, rutin extract, belladonna extract. The auxiliary materials are rubber, rosin, zinc oxide, lanolin, petrolatum, and liquid paraffin.
Properties: This product is a pale yellow-green flaky rubber paste; it is fragrant.
Functions and indications: Dispel rheumatism, promote blood circulation and relieve pain. Used for rheumatic joints, muscle pain, and sprains.
Specification: 7*10cm*4pcs/box
Dosage: External use, stick to the affected area.
Adverse reactions: A small number of patients have skin rash, itching, local edema, and skin ulceration.
Taboo: Not yet clear
Note: 1. This product is for external use.
2. Avoid raw cold and greasy food.
3. Disabled for skin ulcers or infections.
4. Patients with glaucoma and prostate hypertrophy should be used under the guidance of a physician.
5. Pregnant women use it with caution. Children, menstrual and breastfeeding women, and the elderly and infirm should be used under the guidance of a physician. 6. This product should not be used for a long time or on a large area. If skin allergies such as itching, rash, etc. appear after the drug, stop using it, and those with severe symptoms should Go to the hospital for treatment.
7. If the symptoms are not relieved after 3 days of medication, you should go to the hospital for treatment.
8. People who are allergic to this product should not use it with caution.
9. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.
10. Children must be used under adult supervision.
11. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
12. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.
Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs at the same time. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Pharmacology and Toxicology: Unclear
Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place (not exceeding 20℃).
Packing: Plastic bag packing: 4 pieces/bag.
Validity period: 36 months
Approval number: National Medicine Standard Z50020461
Company Name: Chongqing Xi'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Xi'an Avenue, Hechuan Industrial Park, Chongqing

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