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(6g *5 boxes/lot). Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Gao For Tonifying The Kidney & Yang, for erectile dysfunction of the penis. Yishen Zhuangyang Gao or Yishen Zhuangyang Ointment

(6g *5 boxes/lot). Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Gao For Tonifying The Kidney & Yang, for erectile dysfunction of the penis. Yishen Zhuangyang Gao or Yishen Zhuangyang Ointment

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Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Gao
Yishen Zhuangyang Gao
Yishen Zhuangyang Ointment
Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Ointment

Ingredients: Yinyanghuo, Cnidium, Angelica, Curculio, Cistanche, Clove, 

Product name: Xin Tian Fu
Ingredients: Yinyanghuo, Cnidium, Angelica, Curculio, Cistanche, Clove, Asarum, Licorice.
Properties: This product is dark brown to brownish-yellow ointment with a fresh fragrance.
Functions and indications: nourishing kidney and strengthening yang, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals. It is used for erectile dysfunction of the penis. TCM syndrome differentiation belongs to those with kidney-yang deficiency.
Specification: 6g*1pcs/box
Usage and Dosage: First wash the perineum, penis, glans and inside of the foreskin with clean water and wipe dry, then apply this medicine to the perineum and both sides of the scrotum, quickly rubbing it while rubbing it to make the local fever, and dry it. Then use the same method for the penis, the inner foreskin and the glans. The dosage is 0.6g once a day. The reference dosage for each part is as follows: 0.1g perineum, 0.1g on both sides of the penis, 0.2g penis body, about 0.1g glans and inner foreskin. The amount of medicine can be estimated by the length of the extruded paste. The length of the extruded paste is about 1cm equivalent to 0.1g of ointment. Be sure to clean the area of ​​the last application before the second application.
Adverse reactions: 1. A small number of patients may have itchy skin on the penis and scrotum, and local rash, which usually disappear after stopping the drug. 2. In clinical trials, a small number of patients had mild abnormal changes in ALT, BUN, urine white blood cells, urine red blood cells, and peripheral blood after using this product, which may not be the pathological changes caused by this product. 3. In some cases, there is irritation to the woman's vagina, manifested as a slight hot itching sensation, which is usually acceptable. As the number of medications increases, the local sensation generally gradually decreases or disappears.
Contraindications: This product is for external use and should not be taken orally or contact with eyes. Prohibited by minors. Those with hypersexuality are prohibited.
Note: 1. When some users use this product, local sensations such as fever and numbness may appear. Generally, with the increase of the number of medications, the local sensations can be reduced or disappeared without affecting the efficacy. 2. When using this product for partial coating or rubbing, pay attention to applying force and softness. Do not apply ointment to the urethral opening. 3. During medication, it does not affect sexual life. 4. This product should be placed out of children's reach.
Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs at the same time. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Storage: Sealed and kept in a cool place.
Packing: Packed in polyethylene bottle and hose, 1 per box.
Validity period: 24 months
Approval number: National Pharmaceutical Standard Z20050273
Company Name: Hainan Xintianfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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