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External Use. Herbal. Ye Xiu Fen / Yexiu Fen / Yexiu Powder / underarm powder

External Use. Herbal. Ye Xiu Fen / Yexiu Fen / Yexiu Powder / underarm powder

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External Use. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ye Xiu Fen For Body Odor. Yexiu Fen. Yexiu Powder.

Yexiu Fen
Yexiu Powder
underarm powder
Ye Xiu Fen

Ingredients: red powder, dry alum, cloves, plaster, keel.
Properties: This product is orange-yellow to yellow-brown powder; fragrant.
Functions and indications: deodorizes and deodorizes. Used for underarm odor.
Specification: 60g per box
Usage and Dosage: External use, 2g once, twice a day; wipe the affected area with a hot towel, dipped in powder and rub it gently three times. After the underarm odor disappears, change to once a day for one week. The total course of treatment does not exceed 15 days.
Adverse reactions: 1. Individual patients may have symptoms such as local red rash, itching, and pain in the affected area after medication, which is a skin irritation reaction. The medication should be stopped immediately, and the affected area must not be scratched to avoid local infection. Under normal circumstances, the symptoms will gradually disappear after stopping the medication.
2. For people with high allergies or allergies to this product, if the drug is not stopped after the allergic symptoms appear, the allergic symptoms will be aggravated. In severe cases, rashes, papules, erythema and other symptoms will appear. At this time, in addition to stopping the drug, the general Anti-allergic method, give antihistamine treatment (Oral promethazine hydrochloride, topical ointment for the treatment of contact dermatitis smear the affected area, or use the Chinese medicine Smilax glabra 60g, 60g mung bean decoction three times a day, avoid drinking tea. Can be externally used. Rub the affected area several times a day).
3. Allergic symptoms will disappear after taking the above treatments. After the symptoms disappear, the medication can be continued. Intermittent medication does not affect the curative effect. The total number of actual medication days should not exceed 15 days.
Contraindications: forbidden for liver and kidney dysfunction, hematopoietic system diseases, pregnant and lactating women.
Note: 1. This product contains red powder, so it is not suitable for long-term, large-area use. It is forbidden for people with skin allergies to mercury preparations, damage to the affected area, or liver and kidney dysfunction.
2. Not suitable for children.
3. When using this product, the mercury ion concentration in blood and urine should be checked regularly, and liver and kidney function should be checked. If it exceeds the prescribed limit, stop immediately.
Storage: sealed
Packaging: medicinal polypropylene bottle
Validity period: 36 months
Approval number: National Medicine Zhunzi Z20026598
Company Name: Henan Zhongjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tips: Please read the directions for use in retail or directed by physician.
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General Cautions
Keep away from animals and children.This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any questions regarding your health.

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