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10 sachets*5 boxes/Package. Tangmaikang Keli for type 2 diabetes and diabetic complication. Tang Mai Kang Ke Li. Tangmaikang Granule. 糖脉康颗粒

10 sachets*5 boxes/Package. Tangmaikang Keli for type 2 diabetes and diabetic complication. Tang Mai Kang Ke Li. Tangmaikang Granule. 糖脉康颗粒

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10 sachets*5 boxes/Package. Tangmaikang Keli for type 2 diabetes and diabetic complication. Tang Mai Kang Ke Li. Tangmaikang Granule.

Tangmaikang Keli
Tang Mai Kang Ke Li
Tangmaikang Granule

It is use for the treatment of Diabetes due to qi and yin deficiency and blood stasis symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, night sweats,dysphoria in chest-palms-soles, thirsty hi drink, chest pain, limb numbness or tingling, constipation, tongue red less body fluid, the tongue is fat, the tongue is thin or pattern stripped,or freckled tongue,string pulse string or thin-fast pulse;type 2 diabetes complication are seen in the above symtoms..

Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions
Replenishing the vital essence and removing heat,promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis,benefiting vital energy to reinforce the kidney.

Milkvetch Root, Rehmannia Root,Red Peony Root,Danshen Root,Kudzuvine Root, Mulberry Leaf,Epimedium Herb.

This product is yellow-brown to tan granules, slightly fragrant and slightly bitter.

5g*10 sachets/box.

For oral use after meals,1 sachet thrice daily or by medical ordor.


No side effects were seen in the clinic so far.


1.Angina and/or myocardial infarction: rare. In patients with severe obstructive coronary artery disease, the frequency, duration, and/or severity of angina pectoris may increase, or develop into an acute myocardial infarction, when the onset of calcium channel blocker therapy is initiated or increased.
2.Hypotension: As this product gradually produces vasodilator effect, acute hypotension is rarely seen in oral administration. However, this product should be used with caution in combination with other peripheral vasodilators, especially in patients with severe aortic stenosis.
3.Heart failure patients: calcium channel blockers should be used with caution in patients with heart failure.
4.Patients with liver dysfunction: patients with severe liver dysfunction should use this product with caution.
5.Patients with renal failure: The initial dose of patients with renal failure can be unchanged.
6.Discontinuation-blocker: This product has no protective effect on the rebound symptoms caused by sudden discontinuation of B-blocker. Therefore, the deactivation-blocker still needs to be gradually reduced.
7.This product can be safely used in patients with obstructive pulmonary disease, well-compensated heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and lipid abnormalities. DRUG INTERACTION
If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

Tangmaikang Keli has a certain inhibitory effect on glucose-induced elevation of blood glucose in rats, and has a significant effect on hyperglycemia induced by alloxan and adrenaline. The drug can also significantly reduce plasma viscosity of diabetic rats induced by alloxan. Increased viscosity, red blood cell aggregation index and erythrocyte rigidity index can reduce serum triglyceride and cholesterol in hyperlipidemia mice. Swimming test shows that the drug can significantly improve the endurance and stress ability of mice. , extend swimming time.

Hermetically sealed,keep in cool and dry places.

24 months.

Stage Food and Drug Administration Approval number:Z10970026.


Tips: Please read the directions for use in retail or directed by physician.
Part of the goods frequent replacement of packaging, such as goods and pictures are not exactly the same, please refer to the goods you receive.

General Cautions
Keep away from animals and children.This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any questions regarding your health.

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