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(10 sachets*5 boxes). Jinqian Dantong Granules or Jinqian Dantong Keli for Gallstones

(10 sachets*5 boxes). Jinqian Dantong Granules or Jinqian Dantong Keli for Gallstones

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Jinqian Dantong Keli

Jinqian Dantong Granules

Jin Qian Dan Tong Ke Li

Jin Qian Dan Tong Granules


[Specification and model] 8g*10 bags

【Manufacturer】 Guizhou Weimen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

[Approval number/production license number] Guoyao Zhunzi Z20163050

【Validity】 18 months

【Functions and Indications】Qianqindantong granule, clears dampness and heat, dredges liver and gallbladder, relieves pain and expels stones. It is used for hypochondriac pain caused by stagnation of damp-heat in Shaoyang gallbladder in cholelithiasis. Pain in the right flank, fixed, or secondary colic, upward pulling of the shoulder and back, constipation, yellow urine, even yellow body and eyes, fever, dark red tongue, thick or yellow greasy coating, slippery or stringy pulse.

[Usage and Dosage] Take after boiling water. 4 times a day, 2 bags for the first time, 1 bag for each of the last three times. Three weeks is a course of treatment.

[Adverse reactions] Occasionally, loose stools are seen after taking the medicine, and it can return to normal after stopping the medicine.

[Precautions] It is not yet clear.

[Contraindications] Contraindicated for those with wind-cold cough or chronic cough due to physical weakness.

【Listing Authorization Holder】 Guizhou Weimen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

【Packing Unit】 Box

[Main ingredients] Lianchao, Desmodium, capillary, Polygonum cuspidatum, Bupleurum, Dandelion, Rhizoma Cyperi (manufactured), Salvia, Cassia, Ume

【Properties】 This product is brown to tan granules; the gas is slightly fragrant and the taste is slightly bitter.

【Applicable people】 Adults

【Pregnant and breastfeeding women medication】 No relevant information

【Pediatric Medicine】 No relevant information

[Medication for elderly patients] No relevant information

[Storage] Sealed, away from light, in a cool place (not exceeding 20°C)

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