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Herbal Supplement Qilin Wan / Qilin Pills / Qi Lin Wan / Qi Lin Pills

Herbal Supplement Qilin Wan / Qilin Pills / Qi Lin Wan / Qi Lin Pills

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Natural Herbal Qilin Wan or Qilin Pills or Qi Lin Wan For male infertility premature ejaculation. Qi Lin Wan . Qi Lin Pills.


Qilin Wan

Qilin Pills

Qi Lin Wan 

Qi Lin Pills

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Qi Lin Wan For male infertility premature ejaculation.Traditional Chinese Medicine: Qilin Wan

Invigorate the kidney and essence replenishment,supplementing qi and nourishing blood.It is used for kidney essence deficiency, blood deficiency,soreness and weakness of waist and knees, malaise, fatigue,pale, semen clear, impotence, premature ejaculation, male infertility or femal irregular menstruation, femal infertility.

He Shou Wu (Zhi) (Fleeceflower Root Radix Polygoni Multiflori),Yin Yang Huo (Epimedium Linn).Tu Si Zi (Dodder Seed Semen Cuscutae),Suo Yang Songaria (Cynomorium Herb Herba Cynomorii),Dang Shen (Tangshen Radix Codonopsis),Yu Jin (Tuber Curcumae),Gou Qi Zi (Barbary Wolfberry Fruit Fructus Lycii),Fu Pen Zi (Palmleaf Raspberry Pruit Fructus Rubi) ,Shan Yao (Common Yan Rhizome Rhizoma Dioscoreae),Dan Shen (Danshen Root Radix Salviae Miltiorrhiae) ,Huang Qi (Milkvetch Root Radix Astragali),Bai Shao (White Peony Root Raidix Paeoniae Alba),Qing Pi (Green Tangerine Peel Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride),Sang Shen (Mulberry Fruit Fructus Mori).

Brown-black condensed pills,light herb odour,sour and bitter inside.

30g*3 bottles/box.

Orally,6g per time,2-3 times daily.

Not known.

Not known.

1.Patients with fever and cold with caution.
2.If have the symptems like dry mouth,dreamness after medication,could take with salt water or honey water,changed to take medicine after meals if feel dicomfortable after empty stomach taking.
3.Avoid smoking,alcohol and spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this product.
4.4 weeks without any remission,or symptems aggravated,appeared new serious symptems, should go to hospital.
5.Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using allergic constitution with caution.
6.Do not use this product if the property changed.
7.Keep out of reach of children.
8.If you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor before using this product.

If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

24 months.

Preserve in tightly closed containers,stored in a cool and dry place.

State medical permitment number.Z10930034

By Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceutical co.,Ltd.

General Cautions:
Keep away from animals and children. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any questions regarding your health.

Tips: part of the goods frequent replacement of packaging, sometimes goods and pictures are not exactly the same, please refer to the goods you receive.

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