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60 Capsules*5 boxes/lot. Wangbi Jiaonang or Wangbi Capsules for Rheumatism Rheumatoid

60 Capsules*5 boxes/lot. Wangbi Jiaonang or Wangbi Capsules for Rheumatism Rheumatoid

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Wangbi Jiaonang

Wangbi Capsules

Wang Bi Jiao Nang

Wang Bi Capsules


Ingredients: Rehmannia glutinosa, Rehmannia glutinosa, Dipsacus, Aconite (prepared), Radix Rhizoma Drynariae, Drynaria fortunei, Guizhi, Epimedium, Parsnip, Weilingxian, Saponaria thorn, Lamb bone, White peony root, Dog ridge (prepared), Anemarrhena, chinensis, safflower.
Properties: This product is a hard capsule with dark brown pellets in its content; bitter taste.
Functions and indications: Tonic liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, dispel rheumatism, and clear meridians. Used for liver and kidney deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis caused by rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, local swelling, stiffness and deformity, poor flexion and extension, weakness of waist and knees, chills and fatigue; rheumatoid arthritis sees the above symptoms By.
Specification: 0.55g*60 capsules/box
Usage and dosage: Oral. 5 capsules at a time, 3 times a day.
Adverse reactions: Unclear.
Contraindications: This product is forbidden to be combined with medicines containing Veratrum.
Note: Pregnant women should use it with caution.
Drug interactions: Unclear.
Storage: shading, sealed and stored.
Packing: 0.55g*60 capsules/box.
Validity period: 18 months
Approval number: National Medicine Standard Z20080096
Company Name: Liaoning China Resources Benxi Sanyao Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Medical District, Benxi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province

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