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Herbal Supplement Ershiwuwei Guijiu Wan / Ershiwuwei Guijiu Pills / Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Wan / Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Pills

Herbal Supplement Ershiwuwei Guijiu Wan / Ershiwuwei Guijiu Pills / Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Wan / Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Pills

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Natural Herbal Traditional Tibetan Medicine Ershiwuwei Guijiu Wan or Ershiwuwei Guijiu Pills for Eliminate wind, relieve pain, regulate menstrual blood. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Wan

Ershiwuwei Guijiu Wan (ZhuoMaDan)
Ershiwuwei Guijiu Pills 
Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Wan
Er Shi Wu Wei Gui Jiu Pills
二十五味鬼臼丸 卓玛丹

Guijiu, Tibetan Rubia, Pomegranate, Tibetan Lithospermum, Cinnamomum cassia, Corydalis corydalis, Bachaga, Guangming Salt, Naosha, Bangga, Tibetan Muxiang, Terminalia chebula, bear gall, pepper, Himalayan Mirabilis jalapa, Yuganzi, Hua snake meat (detoxified), Kaempferia, Huonitre, Dalbergia odorata, Seabuckthorn Paste, Chenxiang, Cinnabar, Nutmeg, Chinese wolfberry, Zicao Antler, Coriander fruit.
This product is a reddish brown water pill; Slightly fragrant, with a sour, spicy, and spicy taste.
【 Functional Indications 】
Eliminate wind, relieve pain, regulate menstrual blood. Used for women with anemia, rheumatic uterine worm disease, lower limb joint pain, pain in the lower abdomen, liver, and upper body of the gallbladder, restlessness and blood deficiency, and irregular menstruation.
【Usage and dosage】
Oral administration. Chew the pills and take them with warm water or dissolve them in warm water. Take 1-2 pills at a time, twice a day.
【Adverse reactions】
It is not yet clear.
Avoid oily, raw, cold, sour, rotten, and spicy stimulating foods.
【 Precautions 】
1. Avoid foods that are raw, cold, spicy, sour, or greasy and stimulating; 2. Pregnant women should use it with caution; 3. Prohibit taking drugs when their properties or appearance change; 4. If taking other medications, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before using this medication.
【Drug interaction】
If used together with other drugs, drug interactions may occur. For more information, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.
【Pharmacological effects】
From the perspective of modern pharmacology, the effective ingredients in the formula have a special therapeutic effect on the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of chronic gynecological inflammatory diseases, have a killing effect on various bacterial infections, and have the effects of improving microcirculation, relieving spasms and pain, enhancing immunity, promoting inflammation, and tumor absorption. Main ingredients of the formula: Guijiu (Podophyllum hexandrum): It is a mild hemostatic and oxytocic drug, which can directly excite the uterine smooth muscle, strengthen its contraction, and compress the blood vessels in the Myometrium to stop bleeding. Because it has less oxytocic effect than western medicine, and has no side effects (stimulating Uterine contraction to accelerate labor and promote the separation of placenta), it is an ideal oxytocic drug. Himalayan Mirabilis jalapa: it warms the kidney, generates muscles, expels stones, eliminates edema, and is used for the pain of women's lower limb joints and upper limbs caused by excessive bleeding and wind cold, and other diseases similar to rheumatism.
Keep closed and in a cool and dry place. The validity period is 36 months.
Each pill weighs 0.25g, 1g
【Packaging specifications】
0.25g * 30s * 2 small boxes/box.
【Validity period】
48 months
【Approval number】Guoyao Zhunzi Z63020209
【Production Enterprise】
Enterprise Name: Qinghai Chaidamu High tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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