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(0.38g*30 Capsules*5 boxes/lot). Dazhu Hongjingtian Jiaonang for Coronary Heart Disease. Da Zhu Hong Jing Tian Jiao Nang. Dazhu Hongjingtian Capsules.

(0.38g*30 Capsules*5 boxes/lot). Dazhu Hongjingtian Jiaonang for Coronary Heart Disease. Da Zhu Hong Jing Tian Jiao Nang. Dazhu Hongjingtian Capsules.

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Dazhu Hongjingtian Jiaonang
Dazhu Hongjingtian Capsules
Dazhu Rhodiola Capsules
Da Zhu Hong Jing Tian Jiao Nang
Da Zhu Hong Jing Tian Capsule

Ingredients: Rhodiola rosea.
Properties: This product is a hard capsule, the content is red-brown to brown granules and powder; bitter taste.
Functions and indications: Invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, remove blood stasis, relieve pain, and be used for coronary heart disease. Angina is a syndrome of heart and blood stasis.
Specification: 0.38g*30 capsules/box
Usage and dosage: Orally, 4 capsules at a time, 3 times a day.
Adverse reactions: Other patients have dry mouth and stomach upset after taking the medicine.
Contraindications: Prohibited by pregnant women.
Note: Not clear yet.
Pharmacology and Toxicology: Preclinical animal experiments have shown that in dogs with acute myocardial ischemia induced by coronary artery ligation, intragastric administration of this product can increase myocardial contractility, improve cardiac hemodynamics, and epicardial ischemia The electrocardiogram is improved and the acidosis of myocardial cells is reduced; the duodenal administration of this product can reduce the coronary resistance of normal anesthetized dogs, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and oxygen consumption index, and reduce blood pressure and slow heart rate to a certain extent Effect; preventive gavage of this product to mice can delay the disappearance of the mouse's ECG after tracheal clamping; it can prolong the survival time of mice against hypoxia under normal pressure and low pressure; this product can also inhibit platelet aggregation , To reduce external thrombosis; to improve the ischemic changes of electrocardiogram caused by intravenous injection of pituitary gland. It can also increase fasting blood glucose levels in rats.
The mice were given 58.8g crude drug/kg (equivalent to 223 times of the daily clinical dosage) once a day, and observed for 7 days without any toxic reaction. Rats gavage this product 2g crude drug/kg, 4g crude drug/kg, 8g crude drug/kg (equivalent to 30 times, 60 times, 120 times the daily clinical dosage) for 12 consecutive weeks without obvious toxicity.
Clinical research: This product was approved by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Administration of the Ministry of Health in 301 clinical trials in 1996.
Storage: Airtight, moisture-proof.
Packing: Aluminum-plastic blister, 10 tablets/board*3board/box.
Approval number: National Medicine Standard Z20040023
Company Name: Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No. 58, Taishan North Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

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