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0.3g*48 tablets*5 boxes/Pack. Qiangjin Jiangu Pian for arthralgia and myalgia,rheumatism numb

0.3g*48 tablets*5 boxes/Pack. Qiangjin Jiangu Pian for arthralgia and myalgia,rheumatism numb

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Qiangjin Jiangu Pian
Qiang Jin Jian Gu Pian
Qiangjin Jiangu Pill
Qiang Jin Jian Gu Pill
Qiangjin Jiangu Pian for arthralgia and myalgia,rheumatism numb

Chuan Wu (Zhi) (Prepared Common Monkshood Mother Root Radix Aconiti preparata), Cao Wu (Zhi) [Kusnezoff Monkshood Root (Prepared) Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii Preparata], Ma Qian Zi (Nux Vomica Semen Strychni), Xu Duan (Radix Dipsaci), Mu Gua (Common Floweringqince Fruit Fructus Chaenomelis ), Chuan Niu Xi (Medicinal Cyathula Root Radix Cyathulae), Dan Nan Xing (Bile Arisaema Arisaema Cum Bile), Ban Xia (Pinellia Tuber Rhizoma Pinelliae), Chen Pi (Dried Tangerine Peel Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae), Dang Shen(Tangshen Radix Codonopsis) Shi Hu (Dendrobium Herba Dendrobii), Gou Teng (Gambir Plant Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis).

Expelling wind and removing cold,eliminating phlegm and freeing channels.Indicated for arthralgia and myalgia,rheumatism numb,soreness and weakness of waist and knees.


Spec.:0.3g*48 tablets.

Oral,with shaoxing wine or warm water to take,aged 4
tablets,postadolescent 6 tablets per time,twice daily,or follow the
physician’s advice.

Not yet proven.

Pregnant women taboo.

1.This product very powerful, should not over-taking.
2.Avoid smoking, wine and spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this products.
3.4 weeks without any remission,or symptems aggravated,appeared new serious symptems, should go to hospital.
4.Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using,allergic constitution with caution.
5.Do not use this product if the property changed.
6.Keep out of reach of children.

If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

VALIDITY:24 months.

Closed and keep in cool and dry place.

General Cautions
Keep away from animals and children.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We highly recommend that you consult with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner or physician before taking any products or if you have any questions regarding your health.
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