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China Herb. Yigan Jiedu Jiaonang / Yigan Jiedu Capsules / Yi Gan Jie Du Jiao Nang / Yi Gan Jie Du Capsules

China Herb. Yigan Jiedu Jiaonang / Yigan Jiedu Capsules / Yi Gan Jie Du Jiao Nang / Yi Gan Jie Du Capsules

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Yigan Jiedu Jiaonang For Hepatitis


Generic name: hepatitis B detoxification capsule
Chinese Pinyin: Yigan Jiedu Jiaonang
Product name: Jianmin
Ingredients: The main ingredients of this product are Guanzhong, Caoheche, Cork, Rhubarb, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, Coptis chinensis, Smilax glabra, Black vitriol
Properties: This product is a capsule, the content is grayish yellow to dark brown powder, slightly bitter taste
Functions and indications: clearing away heat and toxins, soothing the liver and promoting gallbladder. It is used for hepatitis B. The clinical manifestations of patients with liver and gallbladder dampness and heat are dialectical. The clinical manifestations are: liver area heat pain, general fatigue, painful mouth and dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus or red face, red ears, upset and irritability, dry stool, little and yellow urine, yellow greasy tongue coating , Pulse slip or chord
Specification: 0.25g*60 capsules/box
Usage and dosage: Oral. Adults take 4 capsules at a time, 3 times a day; reduce it for children or follow doctor's advice
Adverse reactions: not yet clear
Taboo: Not yet clear
Note: Not yet clear
Drug interactions: 1. Contraceptives can increase bile saturation. Other birth control measures should be taken as far as possible when using this product to avoid affecting the efficacy. 2. Cholestyramine (Cholestyramine, cholestyramine), colestipol (Colestipol, Jiangdanning) and aluminum-containing acid antacids can be combined with CDCA, reduce its absorption, and should not be used together
Storage: airtight, moisture-proof
Packaging: plastic bottle packaging 0.25gx60 capsules/bottle
Validity period: 24 months
Approval number: National Pharmaceutical Standard Z42020339
Company Name: Jianmin Group Yekai Thai Medicine (Suizhou) Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Suizhou High-tech Industrial Park, Hubei Province

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