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(0.51g*48 Tablets*5 boxes/lot). Qu Bai Ba Bu Qi Pian for Vitiligo. Qubai Babuqi Pian. Qubai Babuqi Tablets

(0.51g*48 Tablets*5 boxes/lot). Qu Bai Ba Bu Qi Pian for Vitiligo. Qubai Babuqi Pian. Qubai Babuqi Tablets

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Qu Bai Ba Bu Qi Pian
Qu Bai Ba Bu Qi Tablets
Qubai Babuqi Pian
Qubai Babuqi Tablets


Ingredients: Psoralen, Vernonia anthelminticum, Galangal, Box Fruit Vine, Baihua Dan.
Properties: This product is a film-coated tablet, which is yellow-gray after removing the film coating; it has a peculiar smell and a bitter taste.
Functions and indications: Tongmai, regulating blood. Used for white fever (Vitiligo).
Specification: 0.51g*48 capsules/box
Usage and dosage: Orally, 3 to 5 tablets each time. 3 times a day.
Adverse reactions: 1. Hepatobiliary system: abnormal liver biochemistry. 2. Skin and its accessories: rash, itching. 3. Gastrointestinal system: nausea. 4. Central and peripheral nervous system: dizziness.
Taboo: People who are allergic to this product should not be used. It is forbidden for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Precautions: 1. Do not drink or smoke during the medication, fasting irritating food. 2. There is no research data on the elderly and children. 3. This product should be used under the guidance of a doctor. Pay attention to check liver biochemistry during medication. If abnormal liver biochemistry is found or clinical manifestations that may be related to liver injury appear, the drug should be stopped immediately and seek medical attention. 4. Patients with abnormal liver biochemistry and a history of liver disease should be used with caution. 5. Use with caution in patients with renal insufficiency. 6. Avoid using it in combination with other hepatotoxic drugs. 7. When taking this product, it is recommended to stop the drug for a week before continuing to take it after one month.
Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs at the same time. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Storage: sealed.
Packing: PVC solid medicinal hard tablets, 12 tablets/plate×4 plates/box.
Validity period: 24 months
Approval number: National Medicine Standard Z20054981
Company Name: Xinjiang Yinduolan Vitamin Medicine Co., Ltd.
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